Originally founded in 1990 as Haynes and Associates, the Company was reorganized in 2001 after several acquisitions as Haynes, Inc. The company is a minority-owned consulting and services firm, supporting government and industry. Haynes has 250 full-time staff. As the prime contractor for the US Department of State’s Global Financial Services Center, Haynes provides shared services for the State Department’s financial and administrative operations worldwide. Haynes also has contracts supporting the US Agency for International Development, the US Marshals Service, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the National Science Foundation.

Services include:

Accounting and Financial Services

  • Voucher processing
  • Cash disbursements and cash management
  • Reconciliation of obligations, general ledger, and cash accounts
  • Preparation and analysis of financial statements
  • Financial & regulatory compliance audits and reviews

Human Resources and Administration

  • Compensation and retirement
  • Travel services
  • Administrative support, help desks, and security

Procurement and Grants Management

  • Purchasing and invoicing
  • Grant setup and processing
  • Grant accounting closeout and auditing

Information Technology

  • Worldwide communications with overseas offices
  • Implementation of new systems
  • Maintenance and upgrade of accounting and other support systems

Process Improvement

  • Systems analysis and procedures development
  • Technology selection and implementation
  • ISO 9001 processes, reporting, and management

Haynes management system includes: quality controls, training, and procedures development. Haynes invests in staff improvement with over 3000 in-house training courses. Haynes has also assisted customers in obtaining ISO 9001 certification.